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{1}{90}/SubEdit b.4043 (http://subedit.prv.pl)/
{2274}{2326}You sure it'll come?
{2335}{2401}I'd be damned if I disappointed|an important client.
{2435}{2511}Our budget for this research|is already too low.
{2559}{2595}Iyo, can you read me?
{2633}{2678}Loud and clear.
{2722}{2763}Turn west by 18 degrees.
{3064}{3120}What's that?
{3142}{3247}The change in density of scattering plasma is|expressed in the form of voltage regulation.
{3270}{3358}In other words, when a|sign of fluctuation...
{3362}{3397}...of a dielectric charge|occurs on the earth's surface...