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{25}{300}Tom and Jerry The Magic Ring (2002)
{8049}{8094}Okay. Here goes nothing.
{8114}{8195}Magic spell potion number 1647A.
{8199}{8243}"Wart from a bullfrog.
{8326}{8370}"One stick of butter.
{8422}{8503}"Milk from a cow that lives in Calcutta."
{8583}{8655}Okay. Looks like this|is going to be a good one.
{8751}{8822}One, two, two and a half...
{8998}{9078}What happened? My magic potion pooped out?
{9142}{9182}This milk is from the market.
{9187}{9219}Let's see.
{9228}{9248}Oh, dear.
{9252}{9364}"Absolutely, positively, no substitutions."